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Program Description

The main idea and the stimulus of our team This steady increase in the income of our partners and investors who have entrusted us with their finances, as well as the protection of personal data and commercial interests. Clear development strategy, the availability of powerful technical and information supply, close-knit team - all this will allow us to confidently expand the scope of activity and attract new investment. We have every opportunity to increase our and your capital! Economic justification: growth trends in demand for cryptocurrency increase with each passing day. We, in turn, do not stand still, and move with the times, which leads us to the idea of ​​increasing the capacity and reducing complexity in Bitcoin mining. At first glance it may seem a high percentage of return and unjustified approach, but we do not expect your profitability, and profitability of the company as a whole. All the equipment is owned by the company, as the owner, and it does not lie in a warehouse, and is constantly working. We offer to take part in the acquisition of the necessary equipment to us at certain advantageous both for you and for the company's conditions. You get a higher rate of return a specified period - we, in turn, get after the expiry of the contract the equipment and continue to make a profit without obligation. Cloud Mining The principle of operation of this trend is based on a certain percentage of the purchase of equipment for profit. Each miner is broken down into uniform parts (shares), which come as proposals for rent, but 50% of the equipment in this case belongs to the company, while the remaining 50% available for contracts. The interest rate on a certain percentage of each set depending on the power and complexity, and is available at a rate of 2% per day. An example calculation is: The Total Cost Of $ 1,000 Miners Cost miner $ 1,000 (the figure for an example of simplicity and counting). the company's offer will be 50% of the cost is $ 500, divided by the proportion of multiples of $ 50, get 10 shares. The interest rate of 2% per day for a period of 100 days in total get 200%, net profit would be $ 50, at the exit to breakeven after 50 days. Dedicated Miners This area will be attractive to those who do not want to wait for the equity contract, and wants to rent the equipment in full. Accordingly, if the equipment is available, then everyone partner can redeem it in full, or to make a claim in the prescribed form of intent to rent it. An example calculation is: The Total Cost Of $ 1,000 Miners Cost miner $ 1,000 (the figure for an example of simplicity and counting). When the yield of 3% per day for a period of 100 days, we will get 300%, net income of $ 2,000, at the exit to breakeven after 34 days.

Investment Plans:2%-4%